Young woman reading a book at her home


Your life hasn’t been perfect


Maybe it feels like life has cut, bruised and left you feeling dead tired


But something inside you faintly whispers “there’s more to this thing called life”


That voice is right beautiful


Despite where you might be in this moment, you can live a life in this real world that you absolutely adore. 


ShannonQuigley-037-ShannonMoorePhotography Hi! I’m Shannon, and I’m seriously happy you’re here!

A few years ago the life I loved fell apart when my husband of six years told me he didn’t think we should continue our marriage.


I left that day with a suitcase of clothes, our 8-year-old son and no clue what would happen next.


Within days, I found myself cut from our financials, and without a car, job, or home. I did still have one thing: the blue eyed amazing 8-year-old that I was in the middle of home-schooling.


Shit had just got real.


The process of rebuilding my life was painful and hard, but so beautiful. It was during this time that I discovered the strength that rested within me. The strength I believe rests in every woman.


When I learned how to use that strength, I was able to create the rich, beautiful and real life I live today. The life any woman can have if she wants it. 


Today I lead myself on the paths that fill my heart and love finding ways to navigate through this crazy journey called life. I’m passionate about women knowing that they’re stronger than they think and that they’re capable of building powerful and amazing lives despite the shit life’s thrown at them.


On a less serious note, I’m also quite fond of:

using the F word

coffee at any and all times

high heels

90’s hip hop

occasional shenanigans

outdoor dinners

warm nights and cold beer.

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